Museum and Country Estate
Winterthur, Delaware
June 2011

This 1,000 acre estate is the former home of Henry Francis du Pont. It officially opened to the public in 1951. The site is a naturalistic garden with a few features surrounded by rolling hills and forests.
Pastoral Scene

The paths through the woods are beautiful and well-maintained and a joy to walk, though it is a very hilly site. There is a thirty-minute, narrated tram ride that will take you around.

woodland trail

One of the spectacular garden features is the Sundial Garden. A beautifully elaborate sundial is surrounded by beds of flowering shrubs, set in a grassy meadow surrounded by forest. It is a really idyllic scene.

sundial garden

Another great feature is the Enchanted Woods, a children’s garden set in the woods.

enchanted garden

These and other features are like presents that open before you as you wander through the woods. Depending on the season, highlights would include Azalea Woods, the Quarry Garden, the Winter Hazel Garden or the Reflecting Pool. There are also two museums, a gift shop, a restaurant, picnic areas and a well-stocked library. This would be a wonderful garden to spend a full day exploring.

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